Kindness for Homeless Paws Organization strives to improve Neglected, Starved, and Abused Horses Lives.  We provide Equine Rescue regardless of age or disability.  We provide Rehabilitation, Education, and Adoption Services.  We promote and teach horse care and humane, natural methods of training for horses.

All Adoption Fees are put back into our rescue program in order to support future horses that need assistance.  Once adoption fee has been set, we will not take less than the offered price.  We typically invest far more than what we can adopt such horse/s for and do not have room to barter on adoption fee’s.  Remember, you are helping rescued horses. Adoption fees are based upon the amount of cost, treatment and care that went into each horse. Fees are also based upon the horses age, temperament, Registration and whether or not the horse is trained to ride.  All adoption fees are due and must be paid, when adopter is approved and has agreed to adopt said horse/s.  We do not accept payment arrangements on adoption horse/s, NO EXCEPTIONS!  Generally, No Adoption fee shall be above $1,000.00.

Please keep in mind that when you are adopting a rescue horse that you should plan to make this a lifelong companion.  Typically horses that are treated appropriately can live to be 35 years of age and older.  We want to find each Rescued Horse a Loving, Forever Home.

Thank you for your interest in our Rescue and Adoption Program.  Please fill out the attached paperwork and return it back to us as soon as possible.  All Adoptions are based on a first come, first served basis, depending on all requirements being met.  Upon completion of your Application and Contract, we will contact you to inform you whether or not your application was approved to adopt along with a list of available horses.  Your application will remain on file with us until you have chosen a horse to adopt.  We appreciate your interest and look forward to meeting a future adopter.

Thank you

Kindness for Homeless Paws~270-498-6773

Princeton/Hopkinsville KY

Adoption Application

Name: __________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________

City, State & Zip Code: _____________________________________________________

County: __________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ___________________________________________________________

E-Mail Address: __________________________________________________________

Place of Employment: ______________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ___________________________________________________________

Veterinarians Name: _______________________________________________________

Veterinarians Phone number: ________________________________________________

Have you ever been convicted of Animal Cruelty? ________________________________

If Yes, Please Explain: _____________________________________________________

Will the horse to be stabled on your property or boarded out? ______________________

If on your property, number of acres the horse will be pastured on: __________________

Are you a current Horse owner? _______________, # of yrs: _____________________

# of horses currently owned? ________________________________________________

# of horses on this property? _________________________________________________

If boarded out, Name of Stable or Boarding Facility: _____________________________

Address of Boarding Facility: ________________________________________________

Phone Number of Boarding Facility: __________________________________________

Owner of Boarding Facility: _________________________________________________

Is their shelter provided for the Horses? _______________________________________

# & Size of stalls in barn: ___________________________________________________

Will the Horse have a proper amount of time turned out? __________________________

Please describe what purpose your adopted horse will serve in your lives: _____________







Describe what type of horse that you are seeking: ___________________________





If you saw any particular horse on our website that you are applying to adopt, please list that horses name: _________________________________________________________


Additional Comments: _____________________________________________________













Adoption Contract

Required level of care:

The level of care of Adoption Horses should be the highest standards in the Industry.

The horse must have the annual shots, Spring and Fall, coggins. Shots i.e.: Strangles, EPM, West Nile, Eastern/Western, Tetanus, Rhino, Rabies and Influenza, unless otherwise noted by your Veterinarian.

The horse must be de-wormed by paste every 3 months rotating between types, unless otherwise noted by your vet.

The horse must have daily turnout of no less than 8 hours unless there is dangerous weather.

A Vet is to be called for any illness and any serious injury.  If diagnosis of injury or illness cannot be treated due to financial reasons, horse must be returned to said rescue immediately.

The horse must be trimmed or shod by a qualified Farrier, going no longer than every 8-10 weeks.  The Feet are to be cleaned regularly.

Each horse must receive the required daily feed allowance plus plenty of good quality grass or Hay.

Each horse must be offered no less than 15 gallons of fresh water each day, either in buckets or in regularly cleaned out water troughs.  A stagnant pond or creek is not an acceptable primary source of water.

Adoption Horses are to have their teeth checked and floated, if needed.

The adopter agrees not to work the horse beyond its physical limitations at any time or to put the horse in harm’s way at any time.

The horse must have at least one acre of clear-cut pasture with some shades per horse.  And or added feeding program such as round/square bails, alfalfa/timothy such pellets, grain, salt & mineral blocks.

The horse must have at least a 3-sided shed in the paddock to block wind and bad weather.  Preference is given to anyone that has an individual stall for each horse.

Your Pasture must have acceptable fencing.

Variations in facility requirements depend on the horse, the region and the predominant weather.

Adopter agrees and understands that under no circumstances is an adopted horse/s to be sold at a Livestock Auction or to Slaughter.   If adopter can no longer care for such adopted horse/s and wishes to transfer ownership, adopter agrees to place such adopted horse in a humane environment and to approved home (approval must be done prior to transfer), or returned to said rescue.

The Adopter agrees to notify said rescue if you intend to sell or transfer the horse/s.

The Adopter agrees to contact Kindness for Homeless Paws for the following reasons:

1)  Prior to the horse being moved to another residence.  Or no longer wishes to keep adopted horse

2)  If Adopted Horse Dies.

3)If Adopted Horse becomes seriously injured or ill.


It is advised that the adopter pay for a Vet Check if you have any questions prior to the horse departing for adoption.  All costs upon departing and while away are to be paid by the said adopter, even return transportation.  Kindness for Homeless Paws or foster home is not responsible for any accidents or injuries either to the horse or adopter after leaving our facility or while at or on location premise.

The Adopted Horse can be returned to our rescue at any time, regardless of reason, if you can no longer provide a loving, forever home.

*                    Adoption fee:  Concurrent with the Signature of this Agreement, Adopter has paid a non-refundable adoption in the amount of ____________________ and 00/100 Dollars ($____________).  Payment in full of the adoption donation is required before removal of the adopted animal from location facility. 


Adopter’s Initials: _________________________

*                    Disclosure and Release: Adopter represents, warrants, and declares that Adopter is aware of the following in connection with his/her adoption of the Adopted Animal from said rescue:

A)                 That animals are different from human beings in their responses to human actions.

B)                 That the actions of animals are often unpredictable

C)                That animals should be closely and carefully supervised when they are with or around children; or non-equine people

D)                That the Adopted Animal’s behavior may change after it leaves premises.  That each animal needs adjustment times and time to familiarize with the new adopter/home

E)                 That animals in a new environment may act differently and Adopter will afford the adopted animal adequate time (at least 14 days) to acclimate to its new environment before being ridden, to the extent the Adopted Animal is rideable; adopter will spend time and bond with said equine, work on ground manners, obtain trainer if needed.

F)                 That any statements made by Kindness for Homeless Paws regarding the adopted animal, either orally or within this adoption agreement, are merely opinions and are        made or given solely as a courtesy to those considering adopting an animal, and in no way amount to claims, representations or warranties as to the temperament,           health, or mental disposition of the Adopted Animal or the suitability or safety of            the Adopted Animal for Adopter’s intended purposes.

G)                Adopter releases, discharges, indemnifies and holds harmless rescue from and against any and all claims, liens, damages, losses, and causes of action which may be asserted by Adopter and all third parties for injury or damage to all persons, property, or thing whatsoever caused directly or indirectly by the Adopted Animal.

Adopters Initials agreeing to all above & below stated in said contract: _____________________________

That adopters are aware said adopted horse/equine is not to be sold or transferred to any person/organization without prior written consent.  Adopter will contact rescue if the adopted equine is being moved from property listed on this contract.  Adopted equine has been saved from sale/kill buyer/case that limited information is available.  All equines have been quarantined for more than 60 days.  Said equine will never be sold/transferred in any type of auction/sale or for direct or indirect slaughter purpose.


Kindness for Homeless Paws holds the right to recover the horse/s if ever abused, abandoned, neglected, starved, or mistreated, etc., in anyway.  The adopter agrees to abide by the Required Level of Care, or the horse can and will be recovered by rescue at any time.  I have read and understand the conditions of the Adoption Contract and agree to uphold the highest level of care for my Adopted Horse.


By signing said contract you will abide and agree to all terms and conditions of this document.  If it is found any statements are false, you will be in breach of contract.  Any and all fees inquired to the violation of terms will be charged to adopter.



Signature of Adopter

Today’s Date:

Signature of rescue representative

Today’s Date:


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