Here is a basic explanation of what adoption fees help cover.

All adopted pets are in a quarantine period of 2-3 weeks min before going to any adoptive home.

All pets have a min. of two 5 way vaccines administered, rabies 12-16 wks, a min of two to three de-worming pryntel/panacure.

Vet apts, fecals, tests ie snap tests/blood work, health certificate, office visit fees/charges.

Medications for such things as coccidia, giardia, kennel cough, mange and other illnesses.  Just a basic listing of common issues.

Flea/tick treatments, bathes, heartgard or similar (age appropriate)  

Any additional tests/x~rays/surgeries that is recommended or needed.

We provide spay certificates or arrange for spay on female dogs of pups we take in plus updating vaccines & tests such as heartworm~ for owner surrenders   This is done to help with the pet populations.

16wks/20+lbs are altered prior to leaving to an adoptive home.  Gas/pediatric alters are at a higher costs than normal alters.

We travel to many area's to assist where help is requested.  The rescue goes and picks up many pets when help is not available through local assistance; at times multiple trips are done.  Gas to and from vet appointments 

Food, treats, toys, cleaners, specialized cleaners/parvo, paper towels, blankets, collars, leashes, crates & kennels, cat litter, dog houses, printer ink, any supplies/equipment needed.

Pull fees from certain shelters.

 There is no timeline for pet's to find their homes.  We do not euthanize just for time of stay.  Many times we have had pets for a year to 3 years till finding their home.  The rescue have had seniors live out their life in rescue and their vet care, general care continued.  We also have permanent residents that even with further work are not adoptable to the public and are allowed to live their life in a structured environment.  

Property lease/electric/water ~utilities   It is their home! 

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